Mission Statement

Sacred Heart Preschool strives:
•    to establish a Catholic preschool that fosters a creative and stimulating learning environment
•    to provide a nurturing atmosphere where children can explore and experiment to develop self-confidence
•    to actively encourage children to develop a love of learning through unique educational experiences.


Sacred Heart Preschool believes that a successful preschool experience provides an environment that allows freedom to play, explore and discover the wonders of God’s world.  We believe children learn effectively through hands-on activities.  All children can learn and strive to reach their maximum potential by participating in a curriculum that integrates all areas of a child’s development.

Our preschool environment allows children to interact individually with peers and adults in order to develop a sense of trust and respect.  The preschool environment also allows children to adjust to the dynamics of group cooperation as they begin to be aware that they are part of the community.  Children develop self-assurance in a learning environment that affords opportunities for success and provides space to fail without fear.


1.    To meet the individual needs of the child in a planned Catholic educational environment.
2.    To actively address the intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional, physical and aesthetic needs of young children.
3.    To offer an integrated curriculum centered around language and concept development, motor skills, art, music and personal and social awareness.
4.    To recognize children as unique individuals, having different personality traits, strengths, preferences, and learning styles.
5.    To understand that children have rights and privileges and to provide them with age-appropriate duties and responsibilities.
6.    To give children the opportunities to work and play independently, learn to interact with peers, develop a sense of identity and to experience success.
7.    To provide a religious education program that complements and supports the parents’ efforts to provide Christian attitudes, values and experiences.

Contact Information

300 Dundee Rd.
Pinehurst, NC 28374